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Rescue Africa Uganda is a registered organization operating and working to empower all Africans unable to support themselves particularly in the Bwindi community.

We currently have 10 project programs running all using different means for the same goal: Uplifting disadvantaged Ugandans is our Goal. Therefore, Kindly Donate, Volunteer, Market and Sponsor Us.

We currently operate 10 projects aimed at up-lifting the disadvantage Bwindi community:- support of orphans, rehabilitation of street children, education sponsorship, providing income generating projects. Rescue Africa Uganda calls upon well-wishers, NGOs and friends of Bwindi to generously make contributions towards the construction of a nursery & lower primary school classrooms and staff quarters.

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1. To improve the community income status of each individual houses-hold.

2. To advocate for general wildlife conservation.

3. To alleviate poverty through education and vocations skills.

4. To alleviate literacy through sensitisation, workshops and training for the local Batwa community.

5. To advocate for the disadvantaged people, needy, orphans, widows and minority Batwa community.

6. To empower Batwa, more especially the uneducated women, through common skills and adult literacy programs.

7. To advocate for orphans through education and agriculture.

8. To employ the local people.

9. To initiate adult literacy centres.

10. To initiate health & finance facilities.

Rescue Africa Uganda 2021/2026 work plan.


1. Rescue Africa Uganda plans to purchase land for Batwa expansion programs with a budget of $50000.

2. Buying land for orphans home & rescue centre with a budget of $60000

3. Construction of 80 Batwa permanent houses $480000

4. Buying land for Batwa and community clinic $60000

5. Setting up a clinic $50000

6. Setting up rescue home centre for Batwa and community orphans children $ 80000.

7. To improve our schools both, Bwindi Heritage high school and Bwindi Grand Haven Orphans Primary School $60000.

8. Good 150 manual sewing and tailoring machines 50 for Batwa,50 for women and 50 for the general community $75000.

9. Education Sponsorships

      • i)  University level per semester including shopping and transport $1200
      • ii) Secondary level $650
      • iii) Primary level $300
  • 10. Setting up a micro-credit scheme both buying land and loan capital $90000
  • 11. Land for farming and agriculture $48000.
  • 12. Construction of house of water harvest and tank for Batwa $10000.
  • 13. Six generators: Batwa, High School, Primary School, Women’s centre, orphans and clinic $61000


  1. We have secured small land for the secondary school.
  2. We have purchased small land for the primary school.
  3. We have acquired small land for Batwa.
  4. We managed to purchase small land for the women’s centre.
  5. We have managed to secure small land for the Batwa and community clinic.
  6. We have small land for the community skills rescue centre.
  7. We are sponsoring eight students at the university.
  8. We are sponsoring 170 students at the secondary level and 120 pupils at the primary level.
  9. Daily, we provide food and basic needs for the Batwa community, especially the needy people and orphans.
  10. We purchased two sewing machines.

All these achieved projects are already in existence but operating in poor condition.

Your contribution to our causes will help change the quality of life and livelihood for the Batwa communities.


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