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About Project: Bwindi Heritage High School






Bwindi Heritage High School has a student population of over 320 Students who are predominately orphans and needy children.

The school provides education for both o’level (senior one to senior four) and A ‘level (senior five to senior six) who qualify with a Uganda certificate of education (UCE) and Uganda advanced certificate of education (UACE) respectively.

The community school was founded based on the mission to educate children in the areas of Bwindi.

The school existence has been dependent on volunteers, well-wishers and donors who have been instrumental in providing financial, scholastic materials and human resource support.







Presently, the school has inadequate class room blocks, science laboratory to accommodate the growing number of students.

As the curriculum mandates, we adopted extra-curriculum activities however we are unable to implement activities such as sports, drama due to shortage of land.

We seek financial assistance from donors and well-wishers to purchase of land and construction of classroom blocks.

About Project: Rescue Health Programme

About Project: Community Skills Rescue

The Bwindi Community Women’s skills center was established to support poor women, HIV and victims of domestic violence.

Over 60 women are being trained in various income generating ventures for instance weaving craft baskets, costumes, tailoring, cooking & catering, and baking.

At the end of the training programme, the skilled women become financial empowered and self-reliant. The income generated enable them to support their families.

The skill training center does not fee a fee to admit and train the vulnerable women. Previously till to-date volunteers, well-wishers and donors have provided financial support.

The skilling center lacks sufficient land space to accommodate the learners therefore we seek the support of donors to assist in the expansion through purchase of land.

About Project: Rescue Micro Credit Scheme

About Project: Rescue Grand Ophanage Programme

About Project: Rescue Agricultural Scheme

About Project: Batwa Development

African Village/Cultural Heritage Experience: This historical and cultural journey allows you to truly experience the traditional African life style from the ancient society to present.

This experience starts with how people firstly lived in tree branches, caves, huts, then in three different grass roofed & muddy thatched,temporally houses, one in its generation, then up to date where Africans are now living in permanent house structures.

Rescue Africa Village Museum and Experience is a leading recreational complex comprising of the captivating & one of the best museum South West of Uganda. It is a traditional restaurant, luxurious & a spacious site located just a few meters from the Western gate of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Forest.

Come and enjoy the story and folk tale (Skit) of the first African Royal Kingdom and its downfall,then to presidency.

You will enjoy how Africans used to cook using underground local steam fire. Don’t miss iron smelting. This method shows the melting of iron-ore into hot melted iron. Then cool it for some hours, there after taken to the local material manufacturers (Black smithers) for spears, knives, arrows, hoes, Axes, etc.

Rescue Africa Village Museum and Experience comprises the cultural village houses the traditional huts for cattle “Bariisa” and Crop Farmers “Abahiingi” This African village also boasts of a spacious Amphitheater and a venue for bonfires and story telling.,/p>

It is the ultimate destination for lovers of history, art, culture and comfort. A staple of ultimate African luxury, the African Village Museum merges comfort, relaxation and recreation in an environment offering gorgeous scenery & beautiful gardens that capture the imaginations of both the young and the old. The African Village Museum is an attraction to a diversity of people and cultures both local and international.

With ample parking space and security, the African Village Museum is on a magnificent scenery, one of which is a drive through the expansive Banana gardens to the entrance of the Museum where guests are welcomed by a “concierge” (a resident caretaker). The entrance into the museum’s lobby and foyer presents a beautiful artistic view of various art and culture exhibited.

Rescue Africa Village Museum and Experience has an exceptional management team that runs it efficiently and effectively to ensure that it lives up to its promise of superior and excellent service. Rescue Africa Village Museum and Experience presents an elegant, executive and refreshing settling for tourists, hotel guests, day trippers and families who seek an acient, enjoyable and memorable experience in a sophisticates and relaxing atmosphere.

Starting as a stop-over and resting place for travelers and tourists to the Bwindi Gorilla trekking destination, Rescue Africa Village Museum opened its gates in 2019 and has since emerged as the premier venue offering history, art, culture, food and the best relaxation with superior service in Western Uganda Bwindi.


About Project: Grand Haven School

We have the establishment of The Grand Haven Orphanage Primary School which has acted as a refuge to 150 Vulnerable and Orphan Children. The Orphanage School system has 375 pupils in general. All of the orphans are lucky to have an old grandmother to look after them within the village. The Orphanage School entirely depends on the love, kindness, support and willingness of people like you and volunteers like us.

The primary vision of Rescue Africa Uganda is to uplift and boost Education standards in the Kanungu district through support of orphans, rehabilitation of street children, Education sponsorship, widowers and widows’ livelihood enhancement among the Batwa community.

This program supports the creation and development of infrastructure and needed items for orphans homes, schools, books, and food. It was started by Pastor Manase Twinamatsiko a Ugandan Christian Minister in 2009.

Rescue Africa’s goal is to extend a helping hand, through availing life changing opportunities that purpose skill acquisition to promote, protect and stabilize the livelihoods of the grass root needy and poor Ugandans living in and around the Bwindi Community, though focus on education, women uplift, health and social support for self-sustenance.

Grand Haven School started with a vision to give education to orphans and poor children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS and other natural diseases. The school runs from Kindergarten to grade 7. We realized the need for a school because of the increasing number of orphans and needy children in this community, we thought that the only way we could help these children is to give them education in a way to shape their future.Whenever education promotes children’s dignity- their innate belief that they have a place in the world and a contribution to make to it- a new generation of young people can play an active tole in creating healthier families, stronger

We desire to raise these children in a Christian environment. These children are psychologically traumatized who need to be rehabilitated in the society. Our next phase is to construct housing units/dormitories that will accommodate children. We therefore seek for your philanthropic support and prayer to do what we could to make Grand Haven School a better place to live