Rescue Fund

Mountain Gorillas Rescue Fund: Gorillas are among our closest living relatives yet they risk being lost forever. See how Rescue Gorilla Fund is playing a role in protecting these critically endangered species.

Our grassroots projects are keeping gorillas safe from poaching and habitat loss. We also work with local communities to ensure humans and gorillas can live peacefully side-by-side for generations to come.

Gorillas are now on the brink of extinction. We have often donated to help fund ranger patrols to keep gorillas safe from poachers’ snares and go towards funding our frontline conservation and development projects

Gorillas are our closest cousins. They share 95-99% of their DNA with humans. But all four sub-species of gorilla are now classed as Critically Endangered and at risk of being lost forever.

Children for Sustainable Conservation

Encouraging children who live near the gorillas to love the environment can change their nations’ conservation efforts, creating the forest-friendly farmers, conservationists, artists and eco-tour operators of tomorrow.

Supporting Indigenous Communities

The people living right alongside the gorillas in the Bwindi National Park are some of the poorest in Africa, with levels of poverty particularly high among the indigenous communities.

The Batwa, Bakiga and other forest tribes are among the poorest people in Africa. They traditionally lived as hunter-gatherers in the forests of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo, but they were evicted when the National Parks were established, leaving their families homeless and without land.

Their hand-to-mouth lifestyle brings them into conflict with the gorillas, but they want the opportunity to improve their lives, and to help protect the forests and the gorillas that live there.

These communities suffer from acute poverty and high levels of illiteracy. Most have little knowledge of their rights or of sustainable farming techniques, so they trespass into the protected forests in search of food, fuel or building materials.

The Rescue Africa Uganda Bwindi Organization leads the way in working with these indigenous communities, rather than against them. Our sustainable agriculture training programmes reduce their dependency on the forests, enabling them to not only feed themselves and generate a surplus to either sell to generate income or to store for the future. Then they can afford to send their children to school and improve their own literacy.